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Domestic Violence

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Legal Advisory Service will be fully operational through the COVID-19 situation – we are working closely with the courts during the lockdown and have arrangements in place to represent you via video conferencing in court to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

Police Applications

Applications made to a court by Police usually follow Police attendance at a domestic disturbance. They are taken out where there is any type of violence alleged whether it be physical, intimidatory or other.

These are the hardest to overcome as Police have little interest in mediation and they routinely pursue strong orders.

Don’t let a Police Application go Unchallenged

Police applications should not go undefended as their applications can result in a court making seriously damaging orders that can break up a relationship. For example, an order can state that a person is removed from the family home and have no contact with partner or any children.

Private Applications

Any person in or having been in a relationship can apply. This a preferred type as it allows for the negotiation between the parties to compromise on the conditions of the order. The matter can also be resolved without court.

In the interests of your finances and your relationship we much prefer avoiding court hearings. We will negotiate with the private applicant or the police so as to achieve a much more satisfactory end result. We are good at it!

What Is Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence doesn’t include only physical violence. The legislation defines domestic violence as including assault or sexually abusive behaviour, stalking, derogatory taunts, unreasonably denying financial independence or financial support as well as damage to property, and exclusion from family and friends. If you are involved in a domestic violence situation, a Gold Coast domestic violence lawyer can help you understand the full scope of issues you may be facing. Our experienced domestic violence lawyers will treat these issues very seriously and will advocate on your behalf.

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Building A Defence

Being found guilty of domestic violence crimes can bring arduous consequences, including monetary fines. Moreover, the defendant can be sentenced to incarceration as well. Criminal records of this type can cause serious career plummet, as well as harmful child custody arrangements, ruin personal relationships and jeopardize professional licences. Therefore, you should obtain legal representation which will aim to ensure that all procedural requirements were followed in a given case and that the rights of the accused have been protected every step of the way. Our defence lawyers will take their time to listen to your side of the story and build a strong defence that will guarantee you the freedom and dropping of all charges. When you hire us, the domestic lawyer you’re assigned with is by your side through every critical stage of your case. You will not be handed off to an inexperienced associate. If you choose Legal Advisory Service to represent you and defend your rights, you can only expect a positive outcome.

Whether you have suffered from domestic violence or have been accused of domestic violence, our domestic violence lawyers can help. We have worked with many clients facing domestic violence issues, and we have the knowledge and skill to help you with your case. Contact Legal Advisory Service today to schedule a personal consultation with the best domestic violence lawyers on the Gold Coast.


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Very professional and great price. Really happy with the outcome of my case, couldn't have asked for a better team.
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