Is there a hidden cost of Free Legal Advice?

In my experience there was no hidden costs to free legal advice. Well not in my personal experience. In fact it was not exactly what I expected at all. Firstly a bit about me. I will keep my name private for business reasons so I will call myself Mr X….sounds covert and exciting as well.

I was a family man with a wife and two children and a reasonably successful business. After 14 years of marriage there were some issues that just could not be resolved. We progressed to separation and then we had to start the painful process of divorce, parental orders and settlement orders. What a nightmare.

If you have ever been through this before the worst part is the children do suffer and you try as much as possible to avoid this but with emotions and finances in the same powder keg it eventually will blow up.

What I needed at the start of this process and what I am not immensely grateful for is the FREE legal advice I received from Legal Advisory. That first session pointing me in the right direction helped so much in removing the fear of the unknown. I was then able to make clear and precise decisions on the future.

Now you would think I used them for family law work and the divorce proceedings, not quite. They referred me to another expert who was fantastic to say the least. The fact they were not after my money but were more concerned about my well being left a lasting memory and when I really did need them they were there.

Now I need you

Some months after while the back and forth was happening with my ex partner I was at a golfing event where I consumed a fair quantity of alcohol. During the one day off that I had my ex partner decided she had enough of my 12 year old daughter asking for me and dropped her unattended at my residence while I was not there…..I couldn’t believe it.

I then stupidly got into my vehicle not thinking about me but only about my daughter and drove. Of course I was quickly stopped by the police and charged with drink driving and it was a mid range reading.

I called the Legal Advisory team and again they gave me free legal advice. They then represented me in court at a reasonable cost and obtained a reduced sentence and day license so I could still operate my business. Thank god.

I have never repeated this stupidity but I will always return to Legal Advisory when I need help….which I hope is not too often.

Mr X.