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We are not QLD Legal Aid.
We are not an expensive law firm.
We fill the gap for those in need.
We will advise you on getting Legal Aid if that’s what you need.

Legal Aid

Important COVID-19 Message

Legal Advisory Service will be fully operational through the COVID-19 situation – we are working closely with the courts during the lockdown and have arrangements in place to represent you via video conferencing in court to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

Legal Aid Gold Coast

Legal Aid Gold Coast will help you to get representation in court. All our advice whether by way of phone or personal interview is free of charge.

We only charge a fee for any actual work done such as the handling of or representation in a court matter or hearing.

If we cannot help you we will refer you to someone that may be able to do so. We do not charge or collect any fees or commissions to do that.


Need Legal Aid?

We are set up to help the person who because of assets or income does not qualify for Legal Aid Gold Coast, but who does not have the money to cover the fees demanded by a lot of the law firms. If it is necessary we can assist you with an application for Legal Aid funding.

Talk about Legal Funding

If you are in Trouble with Police or the Courts.

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  • Advice given to you is free of charge and without obligation.
  • We only charge fees for actual legal work carried out for you.
  • Those fees will be at a rate that takes account of your finances.

We can help whatever your financial situation

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The Legal Advisory Service provides free case assessments to help you on the way to resolving your matter as soon as possible. For any legal representation needed, we have low cost fixed fee options.