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Legal Advisory Service will be fully operational through the COVID-19 situation – we are working closely with the courts during the lockdown and have arrangements in place to represent you via video conferencing in court to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

We’ll Take The Stress Out Of Your Family Law Matter

Are you going through a divorce and you need a good, experienced lawyer to help you out with all the legal issues? Whether you’re about to go through property settlement or you need help with child custody, a team of expert family lawyers at Legal Advisory Service will help you win your case.

We’ll take the stress out of your family law matter. In case you need advice on family law issues such as property settlement, child custody, marriage and divorce, de facto property, or consent agreements, you have come to the right place. Our team of family lawyers will tackle any issue and make sure your interests are protected every step of the way.

Don’t Risk All Your Assets With Expensive Family Court Proceedings

We believe in getting the fairest entitlement without the high cost. Preferably by negotiation rather than conducting the matter by way of court proceedings. With experience in criminal defence and prosecution and exposure to international cases and issues, our family law lawyers can handle complex situations with extremely personalised service. In case of divorce, it will be important for each party to identify what property was owned before marriage and what assets or debts were acquired during the marriage, to know exactly what their marital property consists of. We are familiar with excellent appraisers and financial professionals who can assign value and help you navigate your way through insurance policies, retirement accounts, investments, and several other financial situations that may arise. With our affordable family lawyers, you won’t have to worry about spending a fortune on your divorce because with us your interests are the priority and not your money.

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Family Lawyers on the Gold Coast

Legal Advisory Service understands the complexities and difficulties associated with family law on the Gold Coast. Our clients often feel emotional when going through a divorce, child custody dispute or property settlement issues. Legal Advisory Service can help you in your family law proceedings, so call us and hire our experienced, knowledgeable and affordable family lawyer as soon as possible. Our clients deserve and receive the utmost professionalism from our family law services. You can trust in our ability to navigate Queensland’s family laws, whether you have a simple case or challenging and complex issues.

Our best family lawyers on the Gold Coast have been practising family law for over 20 years, helping couples with marriage and divorce issues, property settlement, child custody, consent agreements and de facto property. Family matters are a very important topic to discuss, so you will want the most dedicated and professional family lawyers on the Gold Coast precisely on your side. At Legal Advisory Service, you will get a family lawyer who can devote time and full attention to you because we care about the mental and emotional burdens you are facing and want to offer you only the best support and representation.

Divorce And Separation Cases

At Legal Advisory Service you can expect only the highest level of integrity and professionalism for couples seeking divorce. Our lawyers have worked closely with families on complicated disputes, including child custody agreements, spousal support and visitation arrangements which is proof enough that if you hire our lawyers, you will be paying only the best divorce lawyers on the Gold Coast. Separation occurs when both partners willingly agree to live in separate homes without filing for divorce, while a divorce is the permanent dissolving of that relationship. While both parents may want full custody of the children, lawyers working for both parties can find an agreement that works well for all sides.

We look at health and education needs; assess concerns about a parent’s ability to be consistent or put the kids first, or for their safety. With the help of an expert child custody lawyer, you can draft a parenting plan that is right for your kids. You want your plan to be comprehensive and cover matters such as living arrangements, drop-off times and locations, holidays and more. Your spouse cannot take what you brought into the marriage, nor may s/he conceal assets or cut you off financially. Legal Advisory Service also assists clients who shared a de facto relationship with another. Queensland law considers a de facto relationship a relationship that involved shared living spaces and expenses but did not result in marriage. Working with a lawyer may assist you in working out financial agreements after ending a relationship.

Mediation And Dispute Resolution

Our lawyers on the Gold Coast have training and experience in mediation and dispute resolution. These cases often come about when two parties cannot agree to a settlement or decision. A mediation expert has the right to sit down with both sides, identify the underlying issues and help the two parties come to a mutual decision. This can help both you and your former spouse spend less time in court and cause less emotional damage to your children. Mediation may be a viable option for resolving your case, even if previous divorce discussions have been contentious. We will act as a mediator between the two parties, diffusing tense situations and keeping sessions productive in reaching agreements and compromises. If you need help resolving an issue outside of the court, or you need litigation help, work on your case with Legal Advisory Service.


Mandy Driessens
Mandy Driessens
08:34 18 Sep 22
Fran Legend
Fran Legend
01:43 19 Sep 20
Jye Hopkins
Jye Hopkins
04:40 08 Jul 20
If it wasn't for The Legal Advisory Service I wouldn't have had such a great result in regard to my recent... case!Extremely fast response time when I first contacted them, this fact coupled with the extremely cost effective pricing and great advise confirms I will be using them again! (Hopefully not for my sake)!read more
George Harris
George Harris
01:07 07 May 20
I recently had my case handled by the team at Legal Advisory Service and had an amazing outcome I have used other... firms in the past and found them expensive and not very responsive. My case was handled cleverly and at a very fair more
Joshua Dawson
Joshua Dawson
01:03 10 Apr 19
Very professional and great price. Really happy with the outcome of my case, couldn't have asked for a better team.
Donnelly Law Office
Donnelly Law Office
04:43 26 Sep 18
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