Free Legal Advice 24hrs – 7days

Who We Are

The legal advisory service on the Gold Coast was established nearly 20 years ago to provide free legal advice. The majority of our clients have been people who are caught between the necessity for legal aid funding and the possibly expensive requirement of  private solicitors and barristers.

Legal aid Queensland has strict rules and requirements for the granting of aid. Law firms with their high overhead costs will often quote prices that the average person finds difficult to afford. The legal advisory service directs its assistance towards the person that falls into that gap.

While that is our main mission, it is not our exclusive areas of clientèle. We can assist people who qualify for legal aid but we also assist hundreds of people who could well afford a private lawyer. In any case, our advice is of a very high quality.

The Legal Advisory Service has always been supported by some local lawyers who have assisted in the provision of advice without any obligation for payment or commitment.

From the very minor criminal charges and traffic charges right through to the most serious charges such as murder, drug trafficking, organised crime etc., we can give you the assistance whether your case is just starting out or is under way.

Know your rights!

The Legal Advisory Service provides free case assessments to help you on the way to resolving your matter as soon as possible. For any legal representation needed, we have low cost fixed fee options.

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